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...Commissions are open again for the summer ;v;/ Please note me if interested (:

Full body :: 50:points:

Alice :: Yesterday by FermonsNosYeuxRicardoKallen :: Ours by FermonsNosYeuxIAMiku :: Grace the World by FermonsNosYeuxMarianne ::  Needle by FermonsNosYeuxAliceSilexa :: Hand in Hand by FermonsNosYeuxXion :: A Lie by FermonsNosYeux  Grace :: Dreamer by FermonsNosYeux DamonEdward :: Melody for You by FermonsNosYeuxEvanne :: With You by FermonsNosYeux  Allan :: Heart by FermonsNosYeux  Erica :: Motherly by FermonsNosYeux JoshGrace :: Glass by FermonsNosYeux Edward :: Fortitude by FermonsNosYeux  NaoKallen :: Smile for You by FermonsNosYeux

Half body :: 40:points:

PC :: Keirui by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: HiccupAstrid by FermonsNosYeux  PC :: CalummAmaymon by FermonsNosYeuxIA :: Blessings by FermonsNosYeuxJoshBasil :: All the Best! by FermonsNosYeuxNaoSato :: Forward by FermonsNosYeuxAliceSilexa :: Lovely Lovely by FermonsNosYeuxDanteShiro :: Love is Blind by FermonsNosYeuxAriaSiren :: If by FermonsNosYeuxWandaKaori :: The Watcher and the Forgiver by FermonsNosYeux EdwardSatora :: Solidarity!! by FermonsNosYeuxRicardoKallen :: Love by FermonsNosYeuxBasil :: No Reply by FermonsNosYeux

Head shots :: 25:points:

Naoto :: Rose by FermonsNosYeux Kaine :: Life by FermonsNosYeux Scan0108 by FermonsNosYeuxEureka :: PocketfullofRainbows by FermonsNosYeux

Chibi :: 20:points:

EdwardMarianne :: Spacy by FermonsNosYeux  LucyUsagi :: My Star by FermonsNosYeux  PC :: SilhouetteVanity by FermonsNosYeux  JJ :: VK Influence by FermonsNosYeux PC :: Lidia by FermonsNosYeux

These are sketches, and backgrounds not always included ;v;/...
Accept fanart and OCs (:
Extra character +10 :points:

Please fill out form and note me if interested C:

Commission type: (Full body/ Half body/ Head shot)
References: (links)
Pose: (if you want something specific!)

Hope everyone's summer is going well!!

** A-Also... I started a tumblr pages with more sketches, if interested ;v;/ mm...... thank you!!! >//<
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  • Reading: Tokyo Ghoul re.
  • Watching: Knights of Sidonia 2
  • Playing: 999


LionWill :: Requiem by FermonsNosYeux
LionWill :: Requiem
"Crimes are committed by people. There are no crimes without a heart. I'll never accept any theory that ignores the heart."
--Willard H. Wright

"Please, don't leave me here! I'll definitely survive! And so will you!! "
--Lion Ushiromiya

I-I can't bring myself to play the ending of Requiem!!! T////T definitely the best episode so far, I just want these two to be together ;v; Don't wait for a miracle, become one!!!

Willard, Lion, Clair Vaux Bernadus (c) Umineko no Naku Koro ni: Requiem of the Golden Witch
EDENErica :: Erased by FermonsNosYeux
EDENErica :: Erased
"I want to be happy. I want to be free."

This story starts with these two... and love. It was a love that hurt... a love full of despair. A strong love, but an impossible love. A love that wasn't allowed to exist. A love that wasn't allowed to be lived.

But it was this love that opened hope to tomorrow (:

EDEN, Erica (c) FNY
Lucerne :: Welcome Back! by FermonsNosYeux
Lucerne :: Welcome Back!
For everyone back at school like I am, good luck for another year!!! >v</// Let's try and make some friends again this year ;v;...
At least... there are cute uniforms to look forward to...

Lucerne (c) FNY



FermonsNosYeux's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm not a professional artist, but I love to draw as a hobby (: Something about black pencil marks on white blank paper that really inspires me... and I hope to continue drawing for as long as I can!


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1,992 / 2,500
Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

Commission Status: OPEN

Fullbody 50 :points:
MarianneAlice :: What's Right by FermonsNosYeuxEdward :: Fortitude by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Kallen by FermonsNosYeuxMarianne :: Start Again by FermonsNosYeux

Halfbody 40 :points:
RicardoKallen :: Snowfall by FermonsNosYeux DanteShiro :: Love is Blind by FermonsNosYeux

Head shot 25 :points:
Eureka :: PocketfullofRainbows by FermonsNosYeux Kaine :: Life by FermonsNosYeux

Chibi 20 :points:
Cherry-Blossom :: Blooming... by FermonsNosYeuxLin :: Scattered Flowers by FermonsNosYeuxDaleen :: Sugar Sweet~ by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: HanameSissi by FermonsNosYeux

Extra characters are 10 points~


Yes I do yuri/ yaoi...
I do NOT do anthro and mech, or complicated backgrounds.
Backgrounds are NOT guaranteed...!
Please note me before sending points, to let you know if I will take the CM or not QvQ...

If I have told you I am happy to do a request for you, please do not hesitate to ask <3

Otherwise, let's get to know each other through art trades (:


Commission List:


Art Trades:

Always open! (:


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Sketches: Half Body
JackRhyme :: Autumn by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Worth This by FermonsNosYeuxLucerne :: Reason to Stay by FermonsNosYeux JackErica :: Remember by FermonsNosYeux AT :: Alex by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Aria by FermonsNosYeux PC :: Saber (FATE/Extra) by FermonsNosYeux Lucy :: Sweet Smile (: by FermonsNosYeux PC :: AoiNozomi by FermonsNosYeuxBasil :: No Reply by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Guardian by FermonsNosYeuxAT :: Ravana by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Nicandro by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Crabloid by FermonsNosYeuxWanda :: Thank You...?? by FermonsNosYeux BasilJosh :: Forget Me Not by FermonsNosYeuxAlice :: The Dreamer by FermonsNosYeuxRicardoKallen :: Love by FermonsNosYeuxKaori :: Thank You~! by FermonsNosYeux KagePro :: Mekakushi Code by FermonsNosYeuxKagePro :: Yuukei Yesterday by FermonsNosYeux EvaYang :: Unturned by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Forward by FermonsNosYeuxDaggerxNowkia :: ZidaneGarnet wedding by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: FukanamiKoti by FermonsNosYeuxJoshBasil :: All the Best! by FermonsNosYeuxKagePro :: Otsukimi Recital by FermonsNosYeux

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