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Please fill out form and note me/ comment here, and *wait* for a reply to confirm *before* sending points! C:

Commission type: (Full body/ Half body/ Bust shot/ Wonder Outfits)
Character(s) References:
(if you want something specific!)


Full body :: 50:points:
Extra Character + 25:points: (max +1)

Half body :: 40 :points:
Extra Character + 20 :points: (max +2)

  RicardoKallen :: Love by FermonsNosYeux IA :: Blessings by FermonsNosYeux Meiko :: Butterfly by FermonsNosYeux KaoriJosh :: Connect by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Forward by FermonsNosYeux EdwardSatora :: Solidarity!! by FermonsNosYeux AllanAlice :: Hand in Hand by FermonsNosYeux Estelle :: Infinite by FermonsNosYeux DR :: Kyoko by FermonsNosYeux Ayano :: Daze by FermonsNosYeux  MikuHatsune :: Red Pen Please by FermonsNosYeux Basil :: No Reply by FermonsNosYeux Asseylum :: Heavens by FermonsNosYeux Dizzy :: Monster by FermonsNosYeux Eden :: Envy by FermonsNosYeux Alice :: Pride by FermonsNosYeux Kallen :: Lust by FermonsNosYeux Scan0012 by FermonsNosYeux Scan0013 by FermonsNosYeux Eden :: Observer by FermonsNosYeux OCTP 1 :: Holding Hands by FermonsNosYeux Inktober :: Welcome~ by FermonsNosYeux NierAutomata :: YohraNo.2B by FermonsNosYeux MC Reload :: ENE by FermonsNosYeux DR3 :: KirigiriKyoko by FermonsNosYeux Persona :: Makoto Yuki by FermonsNosYeux

Bust shot :: 25 :points:
Extra Character + 15 :points:  (max +1)

Naoto :: Rose by FermonsNosYeux Kaine :: Life by FermonsNosYeux Scan0108 by FermonsNosYeux  Marianne :: Patience by FermonsNosYeux Aqua :: Return by FermonsNosYeux

Chibi :: 30 :points:
Extra character + 20 :points:  (max +2)

EdwardMarianne :: Spacy by FermonsNosYeux  JoshKaori :: Spot by FermonsNosYeux LyleLilith :: #Squad by FermonsNosYeux  EvaAlice :: Smile! by FermonsNosYeux

Wonder Outfits
One Character
With Refs :: 80 :points:
Custom :: 100 :points:

Alice :: Wonder Outfits by FermonsNosYeux   Kaori    Ages By Fermonsnosyeux-da16c4m by FermonsNosYeux   Scan0011 by FermonsNosYeux    Scan0022 by FermonsNosYeux

These are sketches, and backgrounds NOT always included ;v;/...
Fanart and OCs (:
Max 3 characters per piece.
Points or Paypal accepted (but preferably Points!!)

**You may also find my on Tumblr! (:

Thank you! ^^//
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  • Watching: Lostorage Selector WIXOSS
  • Playing: KHuX


Nate :: Do Your Best!!
Take a moment, breath, and know you've come a far way.

This day always comes with so much pressure, but wherever you are, I hope you can enjoy yourself today too (: 

Nathan (c) FermonsNosYeux
Josh :: Good Thoughts
YOU are valid and YOU matter!! Don't be so surprised~ I hope you're having a great day so far, and if you're not, I'm sending some positive thoughts your wayyyy!!! 

You got this ^^//

Joshua (c) FermonsNosYeux
Stella :: Positive
Talking a lot of healthy relationships tonight, so I hope whatever relationships you are in --friend, peer, colleague, family, partner --it's safe, positive, validating, and fulfilling for both of you (: 

Have a lovely and *safe* day~! 

Estelle (c) FermonsNosYeux
Lu :: Self-love
I hope you take care of yourself today! Wear something you love~ Wear something that makes YOU feel good (: 

Have an awesome day!! <3

Lu (c) FermonsNosYeux


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Commission Status: Ask ;~~;

Fullbody 50 :points:
MarianneAlice :: What's Right by FermonsNosYeuxEdward :: Fortitude by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Kallen by FermonsNosYeuxMarianne :: Start Again by FermonsNosYeux

Halfbody 40 :points:
NaoSato :: Worth This by FermonsNosYeux KaoriJosh :: Connect by FermonsNosYeux

Head shot 25 :points:
Naoto :: Rose by FermonsNosYeux Kaine :: Life by FermonsNosYeux

Chibi 25 :points:
Cherry-Blossom :: Blooming... by FermonsNosYeuxLin :: Scattered Flowers by FermonsNosYeuxDaleen :: Sugar Sweet~ by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: HanameSissi by FermonsNosYeux

Extra characters are half points of selected style!


Backgrounds are NOT guaranteed...!
Please note me before sending points, to let you know if I will take the CM or not QvQ...


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Sketches: Half Body
JackRhyme :: Autumn by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Worth This by FermonsNosYeuxLucerne :: Reason to Stay by FermonsNosYeux JackErica :: Remember by FermonsNosYeux AT :: Alex by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Aria by FermonsNosYeux PC :: Saber (FATE/Extra) by FermonsNosYeux Lucy :: Sweet Smile (: by FermonsNosYeux PC :: AoiNozomi by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Guardian by FermonsNosYeuxAT :: Ravana by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Nicandro by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Crabloid by FermonsNosYeuxWanda :: Thank You...?? by FermonsNosYeux BasilJosh :: Forget Me Not by FermonsNosYeuxAlice :: The Dreamer by FermonsNosYeuxKaori :: Thank You~! by FermonsNosYeux KagePro :: Mekakushi Code by FermonsNosYeuxKagePro :: Yuukei Yesterday by FermonsNosYeux EvaYang :: Unturned by FermonsNosYeux DaggerxNowkia :: ZidaneGarnet wedding by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: FukanamiKoti by FermonsNosYeuxJoshBasil :: All the Best! by FermonsNosYeuxKagePro :: Otsukimi Recital by FermonsNosYeuxBridget :: Trick by FermonsNosYeux KaoriJosh :: Connect by FermonsNosYeuxChiaki :: Fragments by FermonsNosYeuxInori :: Rights by FermonsNosYeuxAyano :: Red Eyes by FermonsNosYeuxYukariAegis :: Answer by FermonsNosYeuxPersona :: Makoto Yuki by FermonsNosYeuxNamine :: Witch by FermonsNosYeuxDecimChiyuki :: Parting by FermonsNosYeuxHomuraMadoka :: Wish by FermonsNosYeuxInktober :: Sweet by FermonsNosYeuxMeiko :: Butterfly by FermonsNosYeuxKallen :: Teary Night by FermonsNosYeuxIA :: Connect by FermonsNosYeuxDRV3 :: MakiKaede by FermonsNosYeux


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