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EstelleNathan :: Appends by FermonsNosYeux
EstelleNathan :: Appends
"All humans...
Are nothing more than discarded puppets;
Are nothing more than zombies blindly following orders;
Fragile, brittle, frail...

For what purpose are you living for?"

--Hitoshizuku-P, Karakuri Burst

There are no such thing as "coincidences". Everything was decided from the start.

Estelle and Nathan (c) FermonsNosYeux
Good luck with finals, we're almost there okay!? ;v;/
Charlotte :: Fables by FermonsNosYeux
Charlotte :: Fables
"The best things in life are things
To live in, to breath in,
The broken, the bleeding...

They're things chosen to be believe in.
The frightened are still fighting..."

--Michael Franti and Spearhead, I'll be Waiting

It's not that they don't exist. I just don't believe in them.

Charlotte (c) FNY
AliceMarianne :: Love by FermonsNosYeux
AliceMarianne :: Love
If what they say is "Nothing is forever"
Then what makes love the exception?

--Outkast, Hey Ya

Such a ridiculous and old song haha, but the cover done by Obadiah Parker lets you really appreciate the lyrics (: Actually, it is very moving! Love is such a gamble. Having that much confidence in something, when the world says there is no "sure thing"... People must have incredible guts to go for it! And sometimes, it really does work out. And I guess, even the unhappy ones are worth it too...

Music that make you think, they are really the best (:

Alice and Marianne (c) FermonsNosYeux

Check out the cover, if you get a chance! (: HERE!!
"Even when  feelings  are not necessarily essential  somehow,
They are still warm, aren't they?"


Hurray, a journal that's NOT 6 months later ;v;/

Firstly, commissions are open again C: But it’ll be a week until I start them, so I hope the wait is alright! I have to upload recent ones before I can move on o^o/ Please check prices and examples below and HERE. Thanks for all the patience!!

Next! Okay, leveling here: It’s not a surprise, but I have depression. Sometimes I have bad days and sometimes they last for a while, but sometimes it’s really okay and it’s a wonderful day (: I know this makes some people feel uncomfortable or unsure what to do, but I want to say, you don’t have to do anything! It might seem like a daunting subject to approach, butttt…. I’m not expecting anyone to say something that’ll make everything better QvQ I absolutely know things are alright, and bad days don’t last forever (: It’s not something I really talk about, but it’s not like I’ll be offended if someone asks me about it haha…. I promise I won’t drag anyone down in my moods, but no one is really alone, right?

I want to say, it’s okay just to ask “how are you doing today?” I’m more than happy to say “today’s alright” or “it’s not the best, but I’m doing better” (:  And then we can talk about whatever, we don’t have to dwell or lament! I know that if I need to talk more about it, you are there to listen C: And I’m reminded by your simple “how are you today” that I’m not a burden, and there are precious people who will be there for the good AND bad days. Okay, that is all (:

On to more positive notes (: OC profiles are up! Thank you for everyone who finally convinced me they’d be worth it Q///Q I’m glad I did it! I don’t know if this is obvious from the sheer number of OCs I have, but I LOVE to role play C: If anyone is ever interested to RP with their own OCs, please let me know, it’s a lot of fun and a huge inspiration for ideas~ It’s also a great way to know everyone ;v;/

Lastly, please support my waifu as she starts her new channel, which will explore the world of fandoms, including stereotypes, gender roles, and general misconceptions about fan culture (: Check her out here: SamgirlSpeaks

So… I hope everyone’s doing well otherwise! Will feature some art in a bit >v</
  • Listening to: 9mm ft. IA ROCKS - Setsuna Drive
  • Reading: Kagerou Project v3
  • Watching: Hannibal
  • Playing: AC III (finally!!)


FermonsNosYeux's Profile Picture

Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
I'm not a professional artist, but I love to draw as a hobby (: Something about black pencil marks on white blank paper that really inspires me... and I hope to continue drawing for as long as I can!


FermonsNosYeux has started a donation pool!
1,432 / 2,000
Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

Commission Status: OPEN

Fullbody 45 :points:
MarianneAlice :: What's Right by FermonsNosYeuxEdward :: Fortitude by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Kallen by FermonsNosYeuxMarianne :: Start Again by FermonsNosYeux

Halfbody 40 :points:
RicardoKallen :: Snowfall by FermonsNosYeux DanteShiro :: Love is Blind by FermonsNosYeux

Head shot 25 :points:
Eureka :: PocketfullofRainbows by FermonsNosYeux Naoto :: Fallen by FermonsNosYeux

Chibi 20 :points:
Cherry-Blossom :: Blooming... by FermonsNosYeuxLin :: Scattered Flowers by FermonsNosYeuxDaleen :: Sugar Sweet~ by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: HanameSissi by FermonsNosYeux

Extra characters are 10 points~

For colored sketch, ask (: My partner Erulastiel would collab~! Prices will vary... check out her works (:

.:Ordinary Days:. Type B by Erulastiel AkuRokuShiSai :: Peaceful Days by FermonsNosYeux


Yes I do yuri/ yaoi...
I do NOT do anthro and mech, or complicated backgrounds.
Backgrounds are NOT guaranteed...!
Please note me before sending points, to let you know if I will take the CM or not QvQ...

If I have told you I am happy to do a request for you, please do not hesitate to ask <3

Otherwise, let's get to know each other through art trades (:


Commission List:

raberbagirl HTTYD art
Yasuki-Konno 2 Half OC Fukanami and OC Koti

Art Trades:

Always open! (:


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Sketches: Half Body
JackRhyme :: Autumn by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Worth This by FermonsNosYeuxLucerne :: Reason to Stay by FermonsNosYeux JackErica :: Remember by FermonsNosYeux AT :: Alex by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Aria by FermonsNosYeux PC :: Saber (FATE/Extra) by FermonsNosYeux Lucy :: Sweet Smile (: by FermonsNosYeux PC :: AoiNozomi by FermonsNosYeuxBasil :: No Reply by FermonsNosYeuxSS :: Guardian by FermonsNosYeuxAT :: Ravana by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Nicandro by FermonsNosYeuxPC :: Crabloid by FermonsNosYeuxWanda :: Thank You...?? by FermonsNosYeux BasilJosh :: Forget Me Not by FermonsNosYeuxAlice :: The Dreamer by FermonsNosYeuxRicardoKallen :: Love by FermonsNosYeuxKaori :: Thank You~! by FermonsNosYeux KagePro :: Mekakushi Code by FermonsNosYeuxKagePro :: Yuukei Yesterday by FermonsNosYeux EvaYang :: Unturned by FermonsNosYeux NaoSato :: Forward by FermonsNosYeux

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Thank you for favoriting work from my original story, Genomancer (formerly ‘Wrath and Pardon”):…

I really appreciate your looking at the art and the story that goes with it.  After five years, I’ve compiled the work into an art book here: !
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